NOW-fertility launch ‘Find My Fertility Clinic’ tool


NOW-fertility launch ‘Find My Fertility Clinic’ tool

NOW-fertility are delighted to announce the launch of our innovative and bespoke interactive tool for assisting patients in finding the best fertility clinic for their needs. Created in partnership with Italian-based developers K2 ‘Find My Fertility Clinic’ asks users to input information about themselves and the type of treatment that they are seeking, and will then search the database of NOW-fertility partner clinics worldwide to identify the most suitable options based on the individual criteria. Users will also be able to view the latest available clinical pregnancy rates for those centres and the estimated costs of undergoing treatment there with NOW-fertility.

Commenting on the launch, NOW-fertility Chief Medical Officer Dr Antoine Abu Musa said “NOW-fertility has proven itself again to be a leader in providing fertility services to patients. ‘Find My Fertility Clinic’, part of NOW-fertility, was created to help patients find, from our global network of fertility centres, the clinic that will offer them their desired treatment. It is another service aimed at making the fertility journey easier and less stressful for our patients.”

Gianluca Pompei, Chief Technology Officer at K2, added “’Find My Fertility Clinic’ is a revolution in the fertility sector; NOW-fertility have managed to achieve the right combination of medical science, technology and knowledge of what people seeking help and advice on fertility would like to know. This system manages, in a few simple steps and free of charge, to provide personalised and prompt information that can help make a difference in the informed decision making of those wishing to become parents. It has been a privilege to contribute to NOW-fertility’s mission.”

‘Find My Fertility Clinic’ can be viewed here:

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